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Iraqi Exodus: Production Diary I: Welcome to Syria

Filmmaker Tania Rahkmanova arrives in Syria to film "Iraqi Exodus."

Aug 19th, 2008 | Comments

18 with a Bullet: Data: Migrant Workers Support Home Economies

Global remittances -- funds sent from migrant workers to their home countries -- were recorded at $318 billion in 2007.

Aug 5th, 2008 | Comments

18 with a Bullet: Filmmaker Notes: Nina Alvarez

Filmmaker Nina Alvarez talks about a mother's love for her son and shares her personal experience as a Salvadoran-American.

Aug 5th, 2008 | Comments

18 with a Bullet: Video Update

Salvadoran gang member Traveiso's mother went north to find work in the United States. His mother’s story paints a portrait of one immigrant’s experience and the difficulties of life stretched across borders.

Aug 5th, 2008 | Comments

18 with a Bullet: Poll: Should the U.S. send criminals who are illegal immigrants back to their home countries?

What do you think about the deportation of criminals from the United States? Take our poll.

Aug 5th, 2008 | Comments

Gang Violence from L.A. to El Salvador: Introduction

In this lesson, students will look at the harsh realities of gang life, the impact of gang life on El Salvador society, and what is and isn't being done to resolve the issue.

Jun 15th, 2008 | Comments

18 with a Bullet: Introduction

(Encore presentation August 5, 2008) With unprecedented access to the lives of these self-proclaimed “homeboys,” "18 with a Bullet" uncovers the inner workings of a gang whose transnational membership numbers in the tens of thousands and which has captured the attention of U.S. law enforcement.

Jul 11th, 2006 | Comments

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