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World Links: War Crimes Hearings Begin in Cambodia, Police Academy Attacked in Lahore

A roundup of links to local stories of global importance from around the world.

Mar 30th, 2009

Economic Crisis in a Globalized World

A round-up of how nations around the globe are dealing with the economic downturn: bailouts, I.M.F. loans, and schadenfreude.

Nov 21st, 2008

Land of Wandering Souls: Globalization: Between Fairness and Exploitation

If the great globalization debate were boiled down to one question, it would be this: “Where’s the line between fairness to and exploitation of poor workers by the world’s multinationals?”

Aug 1st, 2002

Land of Wandering Souls: Resources

Link to information about globalization.

Aug 1st, 2002

Land of Wandering Souls: A Developing World View

The Atlas explains how economists today draw the line between rich and poor.

Aug 1st, 2002

Land of Wandering Souls: Data: History and Cambodia

Cambodia's political history since independence in 1953.

Aug 1st, 2002

Land of Wandering Souls: Introduction

"Land of Wandering Souls" follows a group of workers who are laying a high-tech fiber optic cable that will link Cambodia to the rest of Asia and Europe. This film provides a haunting glimpse into the lives of these indigent workers as they encounter the painful remnants of the past and labor to bring Cambodia into the modern age.

Aug 1st, 2002

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