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From Jihad to Rehab: Introduction

From Jihad to Rehab takes us inside a rehabilitation center in Saudi Arabia, where art therapy and religious re-education are being used to reform militant jihadists.

Jul 12th, 2011

World Links: U.N. Office Attacked in Islamabad, Obama Snubs Dalai Lama

A roundup of links to local stories of global importance from around the world.

Oct 5th, 2009

Heart of Jenin: Video: Does Your Religion Allow Organ Donation?

WIDE ANGLE talks to an imam, a rabbi, a Baptist minister and a Catholic priest about whether their faiths allow organ donation.

Jul 8th, 2009

World Links: Police Prevent Commemorations in Tiananmen Square, Opposition Accuses Iranian President of Tainting Country’s Image

A roundup of links to local stories of global importance from around the world.

Jun 4th, 2009

Dishing Democracy: Discussion Guide Introduction

Dishing Democracy goes behind the scenes at Arab television channel MBC in Cairo and its hit all-female talk show, Kalam Nawa'em.

Jun 1st, 2009

Dishing Democracy: Satellite TV Spurs Evolutionary Democracy in the Arab World

by Marda Dunsky. The right of citizens to freely elect representative governments is the hallmark of democratic societies. While this right is not widely enjoyed in the Arab world, democratization in Arab societies has nevertheless taken root -- bolstered by media technologies that bypass government control and put the potential for change in the hands of the people.

Jun 1st, 2009

Dishing Democracy: Video Segment 4

Muna AbuSulayman talks about her life as a Muslim feminist and what it's like for her to appear on Kalam Nawaem.

Jun 1st, 2009

World Links: Pirates Capture Four More Ships, N. Korea Vows to Restart Nuclear Program

A roundup of links to local stories of global importance from around the world.

Apr 14th, 2009

Pakistan at the Polls: Map: Pakistan’s Electoral Politics

A map of Pakistan's electoral politics.

Mar 4th, 2009

From Jihad to Rehab: And Back

Eleven former Guantanamo inmates who underwent Saudi Arabia's rehabilitation program for former jihadists--featured in the Focal Point film From Jihad to Rehab-- have returned to the militant life.

Feb 4th, 2009

Oprah in the Middle East

Video: Oprah now reaches over 6 million viewers in the Arab world each day, bringing conversations about domestic violence or homosexuality to living rooms where these subjects are still taboo.

Jan 23rd, 2009

Watch Video

From Jihad to Rehab: Watch the Focal Point Episode

Watch the short documentary From Jihad to Rehab.

Dec 17th, 2008

From Jihad to Rehab: Audio: Why Militants Quit

Interview with Dr. John Horgan, director of the International Center for the Study of Terrorism at Penn State University.

Dec 17th, 2008

From Jihad to Rehab: Slideshow: Art Therapy

Slideshow of drawings done by former jihadists in art therapy.

Dec 16th, 2008

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