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AIDS Warriors: Interview: Bill Frist

Bill Frist, physician and former Senate Majority Leader, talks about the importance of combating AIDS for both national security and humanitarian reasons.

Jul 15th, 2004 | Comments

Dying to Leave: Interview with Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton

Hillary Clinton speaks with Jamie Rubin about human trafficking.

Sep 25th, 2003 | Comments

A State of Mind: Interview: Prof. Charles Armstrong

People in Pyongyang are well fed, relatively speaking. They have decent housing and access to good education and so forth. Most of the rest of the country is not like that.

Sep 11th, 2003 | Comments

Exclusive to al-Jazeera: Interview: Richard Haass

July 10, 2003: Richard Haass discusses democracy in the Middle East with host Jamie Rubin.

Jul 10th, 2003 | Comments

Soul of India: Interview: Senator George Mitchell

The relations between Hindus and Muslims in the Indian subcontinent, of course, is part of the larger conflict between India and Pakistan.

Sep 19th, 2002 | Comments

Growing Up Global: Interview: Carol Bellamy

Carol Bellamy, Executive Director of UNICEF discusses the world's children with host Jamie Rubin.

Aug 29th, 2002 | Comments

Land of Wandering Souls: Interview: Jeffrey Sachs

Earth Institute Director Jeffrey Sachs talks with host Jamie Rubin.

Aug 1st, 2002 | Comments

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