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Lord’s Children: Introduction

(July 29, 2008) "Lord’s Children" follows three former child soldiers in Uganda who escape from the bush and try to put their lives back together.

Jul 12th, 2011

World Links: Rwandan Genocide Fugitive Arrested, Floods Kill 250 in India

A roundup of links to local stories of global importance from around the world.

Oct 6th, 2009

Two Emmy Nominations for WIDE ANGLE!

Lord's Children and Birth of a Surgeon are nominated for Emmys!

Jul 14th, 2009

Underground Zimbabwe: Interview with Mahmood Mamdani

One of Foreign Policy magazine's top 20 public intellectuals explains why he believes that the new power-sharing agreement between President Mugabe and opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai is the best way forward.

Feb 11th, 2009

Lord’s Resistance Army Calls for Truce

In recent weeks, the Ugandan rebel group known as the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) has been attacking villages, raping women, abducting children, and leaving hundreds of people dead in north-eastern DR Congo.

Jan 12th, 2009

Economic Crisis in a Globalized World

A round-up of how nations around the globe are dealing with the economic downturn: bailouts, I.M.F. loans, and schadenfreude.

Nov 21st, 2008

Lord’s Children: What You Can Do

WIDE ANGLE viewers often ask what they can do to help. Here is a short list of organizations that are working to help child soldiers in Uganda and around the world.

Jul 29th, 2008

Lord’s Children: Resources

Links to additional online resources about "Lord's Children" and child soldiers.

Jul 29th, 2008

Watch Video

Lord’s Children: Video: Full Episode

Lord’s Children follows three former child soldiers who escaped from the bush and have since taken refuge in a rehabilitation center.

Jul 29th, 2008

Lord’s Children: Aaron Brown Interview: Betty Bigombe

WIDE ANGLE host Aaron Brown interviews Betty Bigombe, a former Ugandan government minister who is involved in negotiations with the LRA.

Jul 29th, 2008

Lord’s Children: Audio: Filmmaker Notes

An interview with filmmaker Oliver Stoltz about the making of "Lord's Children."

Jul 29th, 2008

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