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September 13th, 2005

CIA World Factbook: India
An authoritative source for maps, historical and statistical data, and general information about India, produced by the Central Intelligence Agency.

U.S. Department of State, India Page
A good starting place to keep up with the official news on U.S.-India relations, economic and otherwise.

Library of Congress Country Studies: India
Updated in 2004, more recently than most of the Country Studies (the overall project was completed in 1998), the site is a deep resource of historical and cultural information about India.

Bureau of Labor Statistics
The U.S. government’s official repository for data related to employment and consumer behavior. Very helpful given the incredible variety of conflicting statistics that exist relating to outsourcing and offshoring.

Government of India
Official website of the Indian government; a portal to sites for a number of state and national agencies and organizations.

Homepage of the Prime Minister of India
The official page of Dr. Manmohan Singh’s office; a source for official economic and other news and announcements from the Indian government.

Homepage of the National Association of Software and Service Companies, the trade, research, and advocacy organization representing the Indian information technology industry.

World Trade Organization
The international organization that deals with the rules of trade between nations. A good source for those interested in the mechanisms of the global economy.

McKinsey Global Institute
The home page of the research firm’s economics think tank. A wide variety of studies, along with audio and video and interactive features are available, many covering offshoring, outsourcing, and global economic issues.

Institute for International Economics
A research organization focusing on international economic issues; a number of publications on the outsourcing phenomenon and its effects are available.

Economic Policy Institute
An economic policy think tank, its work on international economics focuses on the possible effects of outsourcing and globalization on individuals rather than on the economy as a whole.

A.T. Kearney: Global Business Policy Council
The consulting firm’s research subgroup devoted to the study of global economic and business issues. The Globalization Index is a useful source of information on countries involved in the outsourcing and offshoring debates.

South Asian Journalists Association: Outsourcing page
Maintained by Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism’s dean of students Sreenath Sreenivasan, an exhaustive page of links to coverage of outsourcing in the world press and to experts in the field on all sides of the issue, though the focus is on India-related stories.

BBC Country profiles: India
The BBC’s thorough compilation of articles and web features covering India, along with social and economic profiles, maps, and historical information.

Asia Times Online
A web-only newspaper, covering business, economics, and politics from an Asian perspective. A source for a different perspective on outsourcing than readers might find in the U.S. or European press.

Guardian Unlimited News Guide: India
The British newspaper’s page of links to the leading Indian dailies and weeklies. A first stop for access to India’s headlines.

BPO India
An India-based compendium of links to information of all kinds on India’s role in the outsourcing industry.

Gecis Global
Official website of the firm whose employees are profiled in “1-800-INDIA.”

POV: The Fire Next Time
A web-based case study developed by the documentary program POV, exploring the feelings of American consumers about Indian call-center operators; the special focuses on a racist incident engineered by Philadelphia radio shock jocks.

Free full-text articles from the July/August issue of FOREIGN AFFAIRS on “The Rise of India.”

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