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July 11th, 2006
18 with a Bullet

Loony (left) and Diablo (right) flash their gang signs.

photo credit: Tim Watts

U.S. Department of State: El Salvador
The U.S. State Department’s official assessment of current conditions in El Salvador.

Library of Congress: Country Study: El Salvador
A profile of El Salvador with analysis of its political, economic, and social development, prepared by the research division of the Library of Congress.

Embassy of El Salvador in the United States of America
The site includes legal information for Salvadorans living in the U.S., a community events calendar, and tourist information for U.S. citizens who wish to visit El Salvador. Justice & the Generals
The web companion to the PBS documentary about the atrocities and human rights violations that occurred during El Salvador’s civil war.

Michigan State University Libraries: Criminal Justice Resources: Gangs

A compilation of youth gang-related resources.

Street Gangs Resource Center
An independent news site by gang expert Alejandro Alonso, which includes a section on the 18th Street Gang.

Gang Research.Net
Maintained by John M. Hagedorn, this site focuses mainly on the gangs of Chicago, but also covers global gang issues.

Photo of an 18th Street gang member.

photo credit: Ricardo Pollack

The Heritage Foundation: Research: Urban Issues: “North American Transnational Youth Gangs”
An in-depth article about the phenomenon of international street gangs.

Children and Youth in Organised Armed Violence (COAV)
This project identifies and educates the international community about the problem of children involved in armed groups — criminal gangs, structured youth gangs, and vigilante groups.

U.S. Department of Justice: National Drug Intelligence Center
Includes a Drug and Gangs Fast Facts pamphlet, which is downloadable, and detailed threat assessments by state and by drug, including one about the 18th Street Gang’s links to cocaine trafficking in California.

Homies Unidos
Founded in 1996 in San Salvador, this community-based organization was created to help mitigate gang violence and has projects in San Salvador, El Salvador, and Los Angeles, California.

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