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September 11th, 2003
A State of Mind

North Korea’s Official Site
This site, heavy with glitzy graphics, is more revealing for what it says about what Pyongyang considers effective propaganda than for any real information. Listen to an MP3 version of the Korean Friendship Association’s SONG OF NATIONAL DEFENSE, read a North Korean history of the Korean War, or gaze at photos of Great Leader Kim Il Sung and Dear Leader Kim Jong Il.

Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists: Letter from Pyongyang
This anonymous account of a nuclear affairs expert’s trip to North Korea, published in 2002, provides a well-written analysis of life inside the DPRK.

TIME: How Dangerous Is North Korea?
This January 13, 2003 cover story explores the question of whether North Korea should worry the Bush administration more than Iraq. Contains detailed graphics on military forces on the Korean peninsula. Note: Purchase required to read articles.

Korean Central News Agency
Interested in how the world looks from Pyongyang? The DPRK’s official news agency will let you know — on everything from portrayals of North Korea in the James Bond flic DIE ANOTHER DAY to random essays on the “immortal juche idea.” Just pick a date and click away.

Asia Times: “I Made Pizza for Kim Jong-Il”
An Italian pizza chef provides a glance inside the alternative reality that is the North Korean leader’s world.

Commemorating the Korean War
The U.S. Department of Defense official Web site for the 50th anniversary of the conclusion of the Korean War

Journey into Kimland
A snappy, illustrated account of one expat English teacher’s trip to North Korea during the much-hyped 2002 Arirang festival. Explore the official line on the Internet — “We already know the truth from our government” — or detailed photos of North Korea’s mass games.

National Geographic: Dangerous Divide
A photo-rich (as you’d expect) look at life along the DMZ

North Korean Poster Campaign
A gallery of propaganda posters on the nuclear crisis with the U.S. released by North Korea’s Korean Central News Agency

Nuclear Threat Initiative: North Korea
Assess North Korea’s estimated biological, chemical, and nuclear weapons capabilities.

Pyongyang Metro
No better way to get to know a country’s view on the world than on its capital’s subway. This site provides stats, metro photos, text to the official subway guidebook, and much more.

South Korean Ministry of Unification
Read regular updates from Seoul on attempts to reunite the families of North and South Korea. Note: Click on “English” in the upper nav bar for the page to reload in English.

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