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September 25th, 2003
Dying to Leave


Asylum Support

Web site hub for news — legal, general, and international — on refugees, migration, and human trafficking.

Anti-Slavery International

The world’s oldest human rights organization provides information about slavery, including definitions, legal aspects, slavery today, the campaign against slavery, and how the human trafficking trade is conducted.

Faris Kadhem and son, Ali, stand outside Woomera Detention Centre, Australia where Ali was detained for six months.

Photo: Chantal Abouchar A Service of Polaris Project

Research and articles on human trafficking, including training materials for both professionals and citizens who would like to know more about trafficking and help its victims.

Information on and resources for victims of human trafficking, including news on laws passed, links to agencies, and details on the trafficking trade in each country.

Human Trafficking Resources

Articles and information on modern-day slavery and human trafficking worldwide, including resources on trafficking in the U.S.

International Organization For Migration

The IOM provides services for migrant populations, including lending emergency aid, assisting in voluntary returns, and publishing research on migration worldwide.

International Rescue Committee

The International Rescue Committee details all of its ongoing programs dedicated to helping the world’s underserved and endangered people, especially refugees.

Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons

The U.S. Department of State site outlines U.S. efforts to combat human trafficking. Reports on slavery of children, sexual and labor, exploitation, and all aspects of the illegal trade.

The Protection Project

The Protection Project, a legal human rights research institute based at John Hopkins University, provides a clearinghouse for information on the rights of victims of trafficking and the laws against forced labor.

Second World Conference Against Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children

Papers explaining all aspects of the child sex trafficking trade, detailing the rights of children and exploding myths about the industry.

UN Office on Drugs and Crime: Trafficking in Human Beings

Learn the truth about the rights of trafficking victims and hear about the devastating effects that this illegal trade has on human lives.

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