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July 14th, 2009
Birth of a Surgeon
Helping Mothers in Sub-Saharan Africa

WIDE ANGLE viewers often ask what they can do to help. Here is a short list of some of the organizations that work to support maternal health programs in Sub-Saharan Africa that compliment Mozambique’s training program featured in Birth of a Surgeon.

CARE is a humanitarian organization with a special focus on working alongside poor women. It works with communities and partner organizations on sexual and reproductive health, including maternal health and family planning.

Engender Health
Engender Health’s programs ensure that health facilities are equipped with supplies and well-trained staff to provide high quality services supporting essential and emergency obstetric services, prenatal care, treatment of pre-eclampsia, and eclampsia and more.

Family Care International
Globally and regionally, FCI works to focus attention on maternal mortality, forge consensus around proven strategies, and accelerate action to address the problem. FCI was one of the first international NGOs to place maternal health at the center of its mission.

International Initiative on Maternal Mortality as a Human Right
A partnership of international, regional, and national civil society organizations committed to a comprehensive human rights approach to maternal mortality. Their field project in Kenya aspires to integrate human rights ideas and approaches into maternal mortality work at national, sub-national and local levels, and to build bridges among human rights, public health, and women’s rights groups.

Physicians for Peace
Physicians for Peace has partnered with volunteers to create an educational training class for midwives who are often primary caregivers in developing countries where the group works. The goal of providing training in new or improved practices and techniques will result in many mothers and babies lives saved. The Physicians for Peace volunteers teach on issues about abnormal labor, post partum hemorrhage, eclampsia, and basic neonatal life support.

You can suggest other organizations to contact or share your experiences with these groups by leaving a comment.

Disclaimer: WIDE ANGLE offers this list as a resource. PBS is not an advocacy organization, we are not affiliated with these organizations, nor do their views represent those of PBS.

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