July 14th, 2009
Birth of a Surgeon


CIA World Factbook: Mozambique
Information about Mozambique’s geography, population, government, military and economy.

BBC Country Profile: Mozambique
Information about Mozambique’s history, leadership, and media, with links to BBC stories on the country.

New York Times Topics: Mozambique
The New York Times page includes breaking news and archival articles about Mozambique.


UNICEF: Mozambique
An overview of United Nations Children’s Fund information and statistics on Mozambique.

World Health Organization Country Profile: Mozambique
An overview of health concerns in Mozambique that includes a country profile, a page dedicated to the WHO’s actions in Mozambique, a page dedicated to the UN pilot initiative in Mozambique, and the WHO’s areas of work in Mozambique.

UN Mozambique: 2008 Mozambique Report on the Millennium Development Goals
Report evaluates Mozambique’s progress, during the last five years, towards achieving its Millennium Development Goals with a focus on the areas of economic growth, access to education, reductions in infant mortality rates, and improvements in environmental use regulation.

MDG Monitor: Mozambique (Progress in Reducing Poverty and Child Mortality)
An initiative of the United Nations that tracks the efforts of the second national poverty reduction strategy developed by the government of Mozambique, but with deadlines guided by the MDG targets. The site includes a breakdown of progress by goal for Mozambique.


White Ribbon Alliance
The White Ribbon Alliance for Safe Motherhood is an international coalition of individuals and organizations formed to promote increased public awareness of the need to make pregnancy and childbirth safe for all women and newborns in the developing, as well as, developed countries. It has members active inĀ 140 countries around the globe.

World Health Organization: Maternal Health
A compendium of information from the United Nations agency that directs and coordinates global public health policies including the issue of maternal health- site includes general information on maternal mortality, statistics and technical information, publications, multimedia, and information on WHO programs and activities.

World Health Organization: Making Pregnancy Safer in Mozambique
A situation analysis of the state of maternal health in Mozambique over the last ten years. The Demographic and Health Surveys highlight national improvements related to the use of reproductive health services in the country. In 2007, the WHO released a Report on Iniquities in Maternal and Child Health in Mozambique (PDF).

UNICEF: The State of the World’s Children 2009 (Maternal and Newborn Health)
A report that examines important issues in maternal and newborn health and outlines the latest paradigms in health programming and policies for mothers and newborns aimed at improving maternal and neonatal health with a focus on Africa.

Averting Maternal Death and Disability Program
Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health works with developing countries and international agencies to improve availability, quality and utilization of emergency obstetric care. The program’s midlevelproviders.org compiles research about mid-level providers, also known as non-physician clinicians, who deliver essential clinical services and emergency obstetric care.

Women Deliver
A global initiative to reduce the maternal and newborn death and disability rate in the developing world. Family Care International is the host organization for the Women Deliver program.


North American Registry of Midwives
The North American Registry of Midwives (NARM) is an international certification agency that establishes and administers certification for the credential of “Certified Professional Midwife” (CPM). A CPM is a credentialed, independent practitioner who has met entry-level NARM standards who has completed both a written examination and a skills assessment both inside and outside of hospital settings.

Midwives Alliance of North America
The Midwives Alliance of North America is a professional organization for all midwives that aims to unify and strengthen the midwifery profession in order to improve the quality of health care for mothers and babies.

American College of Nurse-Midwives
The American College of Nurse-Midwives is a professional organization that represents certified nurse-midwives and certified midwives. It administers and promotes continuing-education programs, establishes clinical practice standards, and provides research for nurse-midwives and midwives in the United States.

Midwifery Education Accreditation Council
The Midwifery Education Accreditation Council is a federally-recognized accrediting agency approved by the Department of Education that has developed education standards and criteria for midwives.

American Midwifery Certification Board
The American Midwifery Certification Board is a American organization that administers certification for Certified Nurse-Midwives and Certified Midwives.

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