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September 5th, 2002
Cause for Murder

BBC: Mexico Country Profile
Find out more about current events in Mexico from BBC Monitoring. Listen to Mexico’s national anthem or read a timeline of Mexican history.

Human Rights Defender: Digna Ochoa
Read an interview with Mexican human rights activist Digna Ochoa or listen to her acceptance speech for Amnesty International’s Enduring Spirit Award in 2000.

Human Rights Watch: Mexico
Read more about human rights conditions in Mexico in this collection of reports from Human Rights Watch.

Mexicana Transparencia
Get the full results of the National Survey on Corruption and Governance conducted by the Mexican branch of international corruption watchdog Transparency International ( In Spanish.

Miguel AgustÌn Pro Ju·rez Human Rights Center (PRODH)
PRODH, the organization where human rights activist Digna Ochoa worked, offers detailed online reports on human rights issues in Mexico — from discrimination against gays and lesbians to the independence of the legal system. In English and Spanish.

U.S.-Mexico Relations
Find out more about U.S.-Mexico relations on everything from NAFTA to counter-narcotic efforts through the State Department’s Office of Mexican Affairs.

El Universal Online
Read how events in Fox’s administration are covered by Mexico’s biggest daily newspaper. In Spanish.

The Washington Post: Mexico
Get the latest news on Mexico from THE WASHINGTON POST. Don’t miss “Mexico Justice,” a series of articles about the effects of the absence of rule of law on ordinary Mexicans.

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