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August 10th, 2008
China Prep


CIA World Factbook: China
Information about China’s geography, population, government, military and economy

BBC Country Profile: China
Information about China’s history, leadership, and media, with links to BBC stories on the country

Online NewsHour: China on the Rise
Seven-part series on China’s economy and politics — site includes streaming video, audio podcasts and transcripts

New York Times Topics: China
In the year leading up to the Beijing Olympics, the New York Times has reported several in-depth series on China. This page contains links to both breaking news and archive material, as well as some general information about the country.

Frontline: Brave New World

Timeline of China’s transformation from Communism to a global market economy

China: Inside the Dragon
May 2008 issue of National Geographic Magazine dedicated to stories about China

China Daily
China’s state-owned English-language newspaper


Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China
Statistics, news and information about China’s education system from the country’s Ministry of Education

Center on Chinese Education
Research on education in China from the Teacher’s College of Columbia University

China’s SAT
Article about China’s National College Entrance Exam, the gaokao, from the online magazine Slate

Education Around the World
Reports on education around the world from the U.S. Department of Education

Global Education Digest 2007
Statistics on education across the world from UNESCO

Gateway to the Gaokao
Links to past and present exam questions and other information about the text, in Chinese

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