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August 7th, 2003
Coca and the Congressman

A Bolivian baby chews on a coca leaf. Coca can be harvested for legal purposes such as chewing and pharmaceutical use as well as for cocaine production.

BBC News: Country Profile: Bolivia
The news organization’s broad overview of Bolivia, featuring a timeline of the nation’s history; data on Bolivia’s population, languages, and economy; and a profile of the country’s current president, Gonzalo Sánchez de Lozada.

Library of Congress: Country Study: Bolivia
From a series of books prepared by the Federal Research Division of the Library of Congress. Features articles and information on Bolivia’s history, economy, government, transportation, national security issues, foreign relations, natural resources, manufacturing, justice system, and more.

BBC News: Bleak Future for Bolivia’s Economy
Traces a crash in the Bolivian economy that began sometime in the late 1990s, and the government’s response to the crisis. Suggests the situation was exacerbated by the government’s unwillingness to recognize the problem early on.

Bolivia Web
“The Largest Bolivian Community on the Web” includes features on Bolivian history, cooking, photographers, poets, maps, travel information, and more. Links are provided to sites with information on Bolivia’s government, education system, economy, and the latest Bolivian news.

Guardian Unlimited: Let Latin America Find its own Path,11439,769413,00.html
An article addressing recent economic troubles in Latin American countries, including the crisis in Argentina, riots in Uruguay, Peru, and Paraguay, and the history of free market economies in region.

Washington Post: Bolivia Articles
A collection of articles dating back to 2000 featuring the POST’s coverage of Bolivia, as well as related regional news stories. Includes additional resources on Bolivia.

Washington Post: Colombia’s Civil War
A collection of articles featuring the POST’s coverage of Colombia, with particular attention paid to the nation’s role as a key battleground in the U.S.-sponsored war on drugs.

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