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July 31st, 2007
Dishing Democracy


    Programs, Films and New Media

  • Abu Ardvark, a Blog by Marc Lynch
    Marc Lynch is a political science professor at Williams College, and the author of numerous publications on Arab Media, including “Voices of the New Arab Public: Iraq, al-Jazeera, and Middle East Politics Today.”
  • FRONTLINE/World “War of Ideas”
    This documentary, which was part IV of FRONTLINE’s “News War” series, explores the impact of satellite television in the Arab World.
  • MEMRI TV-The Middle East Media Research Institute TV Monitor Project
    Arab TV translated into English, including commentary and analysis by leading analysts in the Arab world; a project of The Middle East Media Research Institute.
  • Mosaic-Link TV: World News from the Middle East
    A daily compilation of select stories from prominent news outlets in the Middle East, unedited and translated into English.


  • Arab Advisors Group
    A research and consulting firm that provides statistical analyses of regional trends in the Arab telecommunications and media industries.
  • The Arab Media Forum
    A yearly forum that brings together journalists from around the world to discuss the most pressing issues in Arab media; first organized in 2001 to strengthen dialogue and understanding between Arab and Western media.
  • The Middle East Research and Information Project
    News and analysis relevant to the Arab world, but not covered by mainstream Western media.
  • Palestine News Agency
    Official broadcast authority offering news and headlines, reports, editorials, and an electronic archive in Arabic, English, French, and Hebrew.


  • Arab Media and Society (Formerly TBS Journal)
    A prominent journal that examines the most pressing issues affecting Arab media, with analyses by scholars, policy makers and journalists in the region.
  • The Journal of Middle East Broadcasters (MEB)
    The official publication of the Middle East Broadcasters Association (MEB), the first and only professional trade association specifically focused on promoting professional growth and development of broadcasters in Arab countries.


  • Arab Human Development Report Launch
    This 2006 Report issued by the United Nations Development Programme focuses on women in the Arab world, highlighting gender equality as critical to development and prosperity in the region.
  • Palestine
    A recent report from Freedom House that provides a comprehensive evaluation of human rights in the Palestinian territories, including social and political rights, and civic voice.
  • Saudi Women Columnists Protest Against Oppression of Women in Saudi Arabia
    The Middle East Media Research Institute analyzes the excerpts of three news articles in which Saudi columnists speak out against oppressive social confines for women.
  • Women’s Rights and Democracy in the Arab World
    An 2004 examination of the role of women’s empowerment in democracy building in the Middle East, as well as U.S. foreign policy in the region.


  • Al Hurra
    Al Hurra, “The Free One,” is an Arabic language satellite TV channel broadcast throughout the Middle East by the United States and overseen by the US-funded Broadcasting Board of Governors, the independent federal agency created in 1999 responsible for all U.S. government sponsored international broadcasting.
  • The Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI)
    U.S. Government’s initiative to support democratic reforms in the Middle East.

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