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July 10th, 2003
Exclusive to al-Jazeera

Attacks on the Press 2002

The Committee to Protect Journalists identifies attacks against the press in Iraq and elsewhere in the Middle East in the year 2002.

Secretary Rumsfeld Interview with al-Jazeera TV

The U.S. Department of Defense has provided this transcript of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld’s February 25, 2003 interview with Jamil Azer of al-Jazeera.

On the Media: Eyes on the Arab World

The National Public Radio program “On the Media” interviewed Jihad Fakhreddine, a media analyst based in the United Arab Emirates, in February of 2003. In the interview, Fakhreddine comments on al-Jazeera as well as the then-fledgling al-Arabiya 24-hour news network.

Conflicts and War Crimes: Challenges for Coverage

In this seminar for editors sponsored by The Crimes of War Project and The Freedom Forum, journalists describe some of the ethical challenges that war reporting presents — such as working with known war criminals to get access to restricted areas.

al-Jazeera’s Edge

In his “This Media Life” column, NEW YORK MAGAZINE columnist Michael Wolff — who covered the Iraq war from CENTCOM in Doha, Qatar — describes his perceptions of al-Jazeera during his time there.

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