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July 25th, 2006
Class of 2006
Map: Family Law in the Middle East and North Africa: Jordan

Source: CIA World Factbook 2006

Marriage Age: 16 for males and 15 for females. Women under 18 must obtain court permission to marry men older by 20 years or more. A royal decree in 2001 raised the minimum marriage age to 18 for both genders; however, the decree has not yet been formally incorporated into the law.

Polygamy: Polygamy is permitted; legal injunctions state that a man must treat all co-wives equitably and provide each with a separate dwelling.

Marriage Guardianship: A woman under 18 years must obtain her guardian’s consent to marry.

Divorce: Either party may petition for divorce on many grounds, including discord or physical or mental health. Wife-battering is considered legal grounds for a wife to divorce her husband.

Child custody and guardianship: A mother is entitled to custody of her children until they reach puberty, at which time the court will reconsider the arrangement.

Source: Islamic Family Law, special project of Emory Law School; Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars and Rand Corporation

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