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August 22nd, 2007
Gold Futures

The internet holds a vast amount of information about Romania and gold mining. Learn more by exploring these external links.


* BBC Timeline: Romania
Chronology of key events from 1916 to the present.

* The Economist: Romania Factsheet
Overview includes country’s political structure, major policy issues, basic taxation and data on foreign trade.

* European Union Membership
News and analysis about EU-Romania relations provided by an independent media portal dedicated exclusively to EU affairs.

* Oxford Business Group: Romania Country Profile
Brief description of the country’s geography, recent history, government and politics, population and economy.


* Datametallogencia: Rosia Montana Gold Deposits
Information about the characteristics and exact location of the gold deposits of Rosia Montana.

* Gabriel Resources: Rosia Montana Gold Corporation
Official website of the mining company that owns Rosia Montana.

* Government of Romania: Cyanide Spill in Tizsa River
Press Release issued by the government of Romania on February 4, 2000, announcing the measures taken by government officials in response to a major cyanide spill in Baie Mare (Northern Romania).

* Movement against the planned mine
Official Web site of the group opposing the planned mine of Gabriel Resources.

* Movement in favor of the planned mine
Official Web site of the Pro-Rosia Montana movement.

* New York Times: Fighting Over Gold in the Land of Dracula
Background information and recent history of the proposed gold mine, and the major players in the movements that support and oppose the project.

* Video: Mine Your Own Business: The Dark Side of Environmentalism
Film defends the environmentalist movement is depriving poor communities of much-needed economic development and the chance for a better life.


* Mining Watch Canada
Supported by environmental, Aboriginal and labour organisations across the country, this organization co-ordinates a public interest response to health threats posed by mineral practices in Canada and around the world.

* EU Mining Waste Regulations
Provides information on all the policies and directives issued by the European Commission regarding environmental issues.

* Frontline/World and The New York Times: The Curse of the Inca Gold
Investigates the growing conflict between the local people of the Andean mountains of Peru and the Yanacocha Gold Mine.

* Mine Engineer
Information about the mining industry including the different techniques used for the extraction of gold.

* No Dirty Gold
Advocacy campaign launched by Earthworks and Oxfam America in February 2004 against “dirty mining practices” and the way gold is produced.

* The World Gold Council
Comprehensive site funded by the world’s leading gold producing companies.

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