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July 7th, 2009
Heart of Jenin


CIA World Factbook: West Bank
Information about the West Bank’s geography, population, government, military and economy.

BBC Country Profile: Israel and Palestinian Territories
Information about Israel and Palestine’s history, leadership, and media, with links to BBC stories on the country.

New York Times Topics: Israel
Links to both breaking news and archive material, as well as some general information about the country.

New York Times Topics: West Bank
Links to both breaking news and archive material, as well as some general information about the territory.

UNRWA Refugee Camp Profile: Jenin
The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) site profiles the history of the Jenin refugee camp from its establishment in 1953 through the present.

Human Rights Watch Report: Jenin
An investigation by Human Rights Watch into the April 2002 Israeli Defense Forces military operation inside of the Jenin refugee camp.

Now on PBS: Peace and Prosperity on the West Bank?
Now on PBS visits Jenin and interviews Tony Blair, the international community’s envoy to the region.


The Middle East 1916-2001: A Documentary Record
Yale Law School’s Avalon Project database of Middle East Documents which includes the full text of the 1917 Balfour Declaration, the 1978 Camp David Accords, the 1993 Oslo Accords, the 2001 Mitchell Report on Israeli-Palestinian Violence, the 2003 Roadmap for Peace in the Middle East, etc.

U.N. Resolutions and the Middle East Backgrounder site includes links to United Nations resolutions that relate to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

WIDE ANGLE: Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Timeline
A timeline of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict from the 2004 WIDE ANGLE episode “Suicide Bombers.”

Online NewsHour: Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
Ongoing coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, including interactive maps, extended interviews, and background reports.

Council on Foreign Relations: Crisis Guide: The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
An interactive and historical guide to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict from the beginning of the British Mandate in 1914 through the present, including a video, timeline, interactive map, quiz, and additional resources.

International Crisis Group: Conflict History: Israel/Occupied Territories
A detailed, historical explanation of each of the periods of the conflict from 1947 through 2006.

The Mideast: A Century of Conflict
An NPR seven-part series that traces the history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.


The Gift of a Lifetime: Understanding Donation
A comprehensive list of how different religious organizations view organ and tissue donation.

PBS Religion and Ethics Newsweekly
May 31, 2002 Religion and Ethics Newsweekly cover story on the ethics of organ donation in the United States.

A Heart from Jenin
A Swedish film that tells the Khatibs’ story from the mother’s perspective.

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