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June 10th, 2008
Info-Graphic: A Guide to Sushi Fish: Squid

SquidAlthough the U.S. has a large squid fishery, most of the squid caught in our waters are exported — while the squid (or calamari) we eat are generally imported from abroad. Squid seem able to withstand heavy fishing since they mature quickly and have a short life span, but squid fisheries are not well regulated and no one really knows how abundant they are. There is concern that squid are being fished more and more in areas where stocks of other species have been depleted — which could result in a collapse of the squid population. Squid are usually caught by trawls or through jigging, a method in which squid are attracted to a fishing boat with bright underwater lights and caught by continuously lowering and raising lines. This technique as well as the hook and line fishing used to catch certain Northern shortfin squid create little in the way of bycatch or habitat damage.

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