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July 8th, 2008
Japan's About-Face


The CIA World Factbook: Japan
Information on Japan’s demographics, geography, economy and military

Japan Times
Japan’s most widely read English-language newspaper

Observing Japan
Up-to-date blog on Japanese politics by a young journalist and former employee of a member of the Japanese Diet


The Japanese Constitution
A history of the Japanese Constitution, and the text of the constitution, from the National Diet Library, Japan’s national archives

BBC: World War Two
A multimedia history of World War II from the BBC

Military Japanese Military Guide

Articles and information on Japan’s military from

Council on Foreign Relations: Japan and its Military
A backgrounder on Japan’s military from the Council on Foreign Relations

U.S.-Japan Alliance

Armitage-Nye Report
Report on the future of the U.S.-Japanese alliance by Richard Armitage and Joseph Nye

Japan-U.S. Relations: Issues for Congress
Congressional Research Service Report on U.S.-Japan relations, updated in February 2008

Charlie Rose on the U.S.-Japan Relationship
Charlie Rose piece on U.S.-Japan history, March 2004

Council on Foreign Relations: Japan Also Rises
Article on the shifting role of the Japanese military and the reaction from neighboring countries, by Michael Moran, executive editor of

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