August 25th, 2009
Once Upon a Coup


U.S. State Department: Equatorial Guinea
Information about Equatorial Guinea’s people, history and foreign relations.

CIA World Factbook: Equatorial Guinea
Information about Equatorial Guinea’s geography, population, government and economy.

BBC News Country Profile: Equatorial Guinea
Information on Equatorial Guinea’s politics and history, with links to the BBC archive of stories on the country.

Equatorial Guinea’s Government Website
The official website of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea.


U.S. Census Bureau Data on Trade with Equatorial Guinea
Annual reports on the U.S. trade with Equatorial Guinea.

U.S. Energy Information Administration Data on Oil Trade with Equatorial Guinea
Energy statistics of how much oil Equatorial Guinea trades with the United States.

World Bank Report on Development Indicators
Data on Equatorial Guinea’s progress in meeting the U.N. Millennium Development Goals.


BBC News: Timeline of the 2004 Coup
A thorough recap of significant events in the development of the coup.

Vanity Fair: Black Sheep, Big Trouble
An in-depth article on the big players involved in the coup.


Council on Foreign Relations: China, Africa, and Oil
Report on how China has turned to Africa as its main source of oil despite the continent’s risks and challenges.

LA Times: Oil Boom Enriches African Ruler
Ken Silverstein’s article that led to the senate investigations of President Obiang’s Riggs Bank accounts.

Fast Company: China’s New Oil Supplier
An award-winning series of articles on China’s presence in Equatorial Guinea and the rest of Africa.

Mother Jones: A Touch of Crude
Report on how the pursuit of oil is propping up President Obaing’s control of Equatorial Guinea.

Human Rights Watch: Well Oiled
A 2009 report on oil and human rights in Equatorial Guinea.

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