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July 12th, 2005
Beslan: Seige of School #1

CIA: The World Fact Book

The CIA World Fact Book entry on Russia gives viewers a brief summary of the history of this world power, and also provides a breakdown of all the various republics and other subdivisions of this giant country.

North Caucasus: At a Glance

This BBC News site provides a brief look into the history of each of the most important areas within the North Caucasus.

Timeline: Russia

This BBC chronology provides a summary of key events in Russian history.

Chechnya-Based Terrorists

This Web site, operated by the Council on Foreign Relations, attempts to shed light on some of the more complicated questions regarding the link between Chechen nationalists and terrorism.

The Chechen Conflict

This BBC NEWS site provides extensive information on the evolution of the Chechen conflict with Russia.


This site provides an excellent collection of resources about Chechnya, including information on Chechen religion, language, and history.

U.S. Department of State

The U.S. State’s Department’s country information page includes a profile of Russia, listings of Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members, as well as other miscellaneous facts.

The Republic of Abkhazia

This Web site provides information on a wide variety of topics relating to the Republic of Abkhazia, including everything from travel tips to governmental policies.

History of Georgia

This History of Nations site provides a relatively detailed investigation into the history of this conflict-plagued nation.

History of Russia

The History of Nations site for Russia delves into the historical background of this superpower.

The Development of Chechen Terrorism

This article from PRAVDA.RU takes a closer look at the emergence of terrorism as a means employed by Chechen nationalists to fight Russia.

A Gruesome Tour Inside School No. 1

This WASHINGTON POST article provides readers with an insiders glimpse into the aftermath of the siege of School No. 1.

When Hell Came Calling at Beslan’s School No 1,6903,1297633,00.html

This GUARDIAN article summarizes the details of the siege at Beslan’s School No. 1, and also provides a brief timeline of the history of the conflict between Russia and Chechnya, plus links to a variety of other online resources.

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