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August 28th, 2003
Road to Riches

BBC News: Country Profile: South Africa
The news agency provides overviews on the recent history and current issues in South Africa, as well as descriptions of the nation’s major leaders and links to media agencies such as television and radio channels. Country Briefing: South Africa
Features articles on South Africa’s current difficulties, trends, and issues, including AIDS, mining, population and ethnicity, and corruption. Also features an economic and political profile as well as forecasts for the future of South Africa.

Washington Post: South Africa Articles
Articles from several sources on the recent news from South Africa. Includes links to the web sites of government agencies, political parties, and a myriad of South African media resources.

Mail and Guardian Online
Breaking news from the South Africa-based GUARDIAN press. Features news articles on the nation, the African continent, and the international community. South Africa News
Broad collection of headlines in French and English from a number of South Africa and international news sources, including the South African Press Association and the UN Integrated Regional Information Networks.

South Africa History
Extensive collection of in-depth articles on culture, politics, economy, and in South African history. Also features resources for the classroom and special history projects on major events and people in the country’s history.

Statistics South Africa
Stasticial information from all fields and subjects, including census information on the African country.

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