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July 11th, 2008
Saddam's Ultimate Solution

Breaking News on Bio-Chem Hazards
The Centers for Disease Control publishes bulletins, instructions and news on anthrax, smallpox and other bio-terror threats.

The Great Terror
This March 2002 article from THE NEW YORKER examines the evidence of Saddam’s war on the Kurds and Baghdad’s ties to Al Qaeda.

Kurdish Cultural Information
Supported with foundation grants from the Swedish Government, this Web site offers objective historical and cultural information about the Kurds.

Kurdish Politics
The Washington Kurdish Institute (WKI) is a Washington, D.C. lobby organization representing Kurdish interests.

Kurdish Portal
Mingle with the Kurdish diaspora at, a portal site featuring chat boards, links to media organizations and much, much more.

Preparedness and Prevention
Run by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the Chemical Emergency Preparedness and Prevention Office explains what to expect in the event of a terrorist attack.

Scientific Expertise
The Federation of American Scientists provides an informed assessment of Iraq’s nuclear, biological and chemical capabilities.

Weapons Development
Jane’s, the premier publisher of armaments info for government, military and commercial use, publishes breaking news on world-wide NBC threats.

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