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September 19th, 2002
Soul of India

BBC: Ayodhya Dispute
Get a detailed backgrounder on the Ayodhya dispute, plus audio and video segments and comments from users from around the world on whether or not to build a Hindu temple on the site of the Babri Mosque.

Bharatiya Janata Party
Find out more about the policy positions and philosophy advocated by the Hindu nationalist party that now rules India.

Government of India
Use this site for links to the governments of states across India or to get a sense of how political institutions in the world’s largest democracy work.

Hindu Universe
This extensive portal provides detailed, basic information on the customs, philosophies, gods and worship practices of Hinduism.

<!– The History of India
This highly useable site provides an overview of Indian history from ancient times until the present day. Essays by scholars of Indian history supplement the category-based timeline.

–> Human Rights Watch Report: Gujarat
The report from this international human rights organization claims that the Gujarat government was complicit in the recent violence against Muslim residents.

India’s Religions
Get brief summaries of Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Christianity, Islam, Jainism, and Zorastrianism at this site from

Indian Muslim Alert Network
This activist site contains links to Indian Muslim publications, discussion boards and various reports on issues concerning India’s Muslim community.

Islam –
Get detailed, basic information on the beliefs and customs of Muslims worldwide.

The Milli Gazette
This New Delhi-based bi-monthly, English-language newspaper relays information relevant to India’s Muslim community.

TIME Asia: Mourning in India
This in-depth report takes a look at the wave of revenge killings that followed the murder of Hindu activists by a Muslim mob in Godhra and what the violence means for Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee’s government.

The Times of India
Search one of India’s leading dailies for stories related to the discord over Ayodhya.

Vishva Hindu Parishad
Also known as the World Hindu Council, this Hindu nationalist organization has been at the forefront of the fight over Ayodhya and its aftermath. Get a sense of its objectives or see a photo gallery of Hindu artifacts from the Ayodhya site.

Washington Post: Report on Kashmir
Take a look at India’s on-going dispute over Kashmir at this Q&A mini-site on the territorial conflict with Pakistan.

The Way to Truth: Understanding the Islamic religion
A web site dedicated to explaining Islam, the Qur’an and clarifying Islamic positions on contemporary issues.
A resource devoted to Islam featuring articles, audio lectures and Qur’anic recitations.

Understanding Islam
A web site committed to answering questions and criticisms about Islam and the Qur´┐Żan.

Renaissance, a monthly Islamic journal
Renaissance, a monthly online journal, presents the teachings of Islam and applies its principles to current issues.

IslamiCity, a global Muslim e-Community, contains information on Islam and Muslims with articles, audio and video components.


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