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July 1st, 2004
Suicide Bombers

BBC News: In Depth: Israel and the Palestinians
A central, comprehensive resource on the BBC News site for current news, historical background, and multimedia presentations related to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Includes links to maps, news reports, analyses, profiles of important individuals and key nations, photo essays, interactive features detailing life in the region, and other resources.

Library of Congress: Country Study: Israel
This content comes from a series of books prepared by the Federal Research Division of the Library of Congress. The pages feature articles and information on Israel’s history, economy, government, transportation, national security issues, foreign relations, natural resources, manufacturing, justice system, and more.

NPR: The Mideast: A Century of Conflict
Beginning with Zionism in the late 19th century and concluding with the collapse of the Oslo peace process and commencement of the second intifada, this seven-part audio series chronicles over a century of strife in the Mideast. Other resources include a set of historical maps, profiles of major figures, and a timeline spanning the years 1987 through 2002.

Frontline/World: Lebanon
This site focuses on Hizbollah, from its roots in Lebanon to its expansion into an international terror network.

Frontline/World: Israel and the Palestinian Territories
This episode addresses the challenges some journalists have faced in covering the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

P.O.V.: Promises – Timeline
This site, which details the lives of several Israeli and Palestinian children living in close proximity in Jerusalem, provides a novel look at the Israeli-Palestinian conflict by placing Israeli and Palestinian perspectives of key historical events side by side on a historical timeline.

Council on Foreign Relations: Terrorism: Q & A – Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
This site takes the form of a guided discussion of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through a question and answer series. The site focuses on pragmatic and straightforward explanation of the people, groups, and events that shape the conflict.

Mideast Web
A news and information resource focused on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, this site was founded to promote peace and understanding in the Middle East. It includes pages and features encouraging dialogue about the conflict and participation in groups and activities promoting peace.

Heritage: Civilization and the Jews – Timeline
These pages provide a detailed account of the earliest known history of the area now inhabited by Israelis and Palestinians, told from a perspective emphasizing the historical and cultural legacy of the Jews and Jewish faith.

United Nations: Question of Palestine
Maintained by the U.N.’s Division for Palestinian Rights, this section contains background information and other resources related to the United Nations’ role in efforts to resolve the “Palestinian Question.”

The Way to Truth: Understanding the Islamic religion
A web site dedicated to explaining Islam, the Qur’an and clarifying Islamic positions on contemporary issues.
A resource devoted to Islam featuring articles, audio lectures and Qur’anic recitations.

Understanding Islam
A web site committed to answering questions and criticisms about Islam and the Qur´┐Żan.

Renaissance, a monthly Islamic journal
Renaissance, a monthly online journal, presents the teachings of Islam and applies its principles to current issues.

IslamiCity, a global Muslim e-Community, contains information on Islam and Muslims with articles, audio and video components.

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