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August 8th, 2002
The Empty ATM

Argentine Culture
A highly amusing and educational Web site covering all things Argentine. Produced by Tradiciones Argentinas, Soy Gaucho (“I am a Gaucho”) exists to “spread and preserve” the country’s cattleman culture. English version available. Flash 4.0 or above highly recommended.

Argentine History
Learn how Catholic missionaries “reduced” the Indians to civilization in the Spanish colony that would ultimately become today’s (overwhelmingly Catholic) nation of Argentina.

The Barter Revolution
Up to half of all Argentines are today doing by necessity what millions worldwide already do by choice — bartering. Check out this no-frills site for a quick intro to the art of the trade.

Everything Argentina
For short entries on all aspects of Argentina, go to

International Monetary Fund
One of the main financial backers of international economic development, the IMF is Argentina’s only hope for a bailout. Follow the wranglings at the IMF’s country report for Argentina.

Latin American Economics
Formed in 1967 by London-based business journalists, Latin American Newsletters publishes economic and political analysis for businessmen, diplomats and bankers. Its Web site publishes timely excerpts from recent reports.

South American News
WorldNews Network, the global news portal, offers a dazzling array of news feeds (in English, Spanish and other languages) on Argentina and its neighbors at South America Daily.

World Bank
The World Bank, along with the IMF and WTO, promotes globalization by making loans to client countries. To see how the current crisis has affected development in Argentina, visit the World Bank’s Argentina page.

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