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August 22nd, 2006
Turkey's Tigers

Profiles and General Information

CIA World Factbook — Turkey

The current assessment of of Turkey’s geography, economy, politics and culture from the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency

Photo of women attending prayer at a local mosque.

Women attending prayer at a local mosque.
Credit: Jon Alpert

U.S. Government Country Studies — Turkey

Includes sections on E.U. accession, relations with the United States, Turkish government and policy, and the role of Islam in state and society.

Turkish Embassy in Washington, D.C.

Web site of the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey in Washington, D.C.

Turkish Embassy in London, England

Web site of the Turkish Embassy in London, England.

Republic of Turkey — Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Contains consular information, diplomatic archives, and detailed summaries of Turkey’s foreign policy stances.

Washburn University School of Law — Turkey

A collection of legal resources regarding Turkey, with links to the Turkish Constitution, Turkish law firms and law schools, and other legal Web sites.

BBC NEWS — Turkey Quiz

Test your knowledge of Turkey.

Business and Economy

Turkish — U.S. Business Council

Includes information on economic relations between Turkey and the United States, the economic climate, and current economic developments in Turkey, as well as historical background on Turkey as a business and trading center.

THE ECONOMIST — Turkey Country Profile

Includes a country profile and links to recent ECONOMIST articles about Turkey.


Founded in 1990, MUSIAD is a partnership of mostly Muslim Turkish businessmen working to further goals of economic, scientific, and technologic development in Turkey.

Turkish Industrialists’ and Businessmen’s Association (TUSIAD)

Founded in 1971, the Turkish Industrialists’ and Businessmen’s Association (TUSIAD) is an independent, non-governmental organization dedicated to promoting public welfare through private enterprise.

Heritage Foundation

The Heritage Foundation’s assessment of Turkey’s economy in its 2006 Index of Economic Freedom.

International Monetary Fund

A listing of all recent news releases regarding Turkey’s dealings with the IMF.

Turkey and the European Union


A Web site on Turkey’s bid for membership in the European Union from Euractiv, an independent web media portal to E.U. policies and developments. The site includes extensive information on the history, developments, and issues faced pertaining to Turkey’s candidacy for E.U. membership as well as links to governmental, media, and private organizations playing a role in negotiations for Turkish accession.


Web site for FRONTLINE program “Muslims,” which includes a portrait of Muslim women in Turkey. The Turkey section discusses the current debate over the wearing of headscarves in public spaces in Turkey. The site includes video conversations with three women in Turkey, an essay by a Turkish female scholar, background information on the debate, and related web links.

BBC World Service: Religions of the World: Islam

Web site about Islam from BBC World Religions. Site features include the history of Islam, Islam as it is practiced in different regions, and a section on contemporary Islam, including its practice in Turkey.

Traveling Museum Exhibit — “Urban Islam”

Originally created in the Netherlands, this exhibit is now on display in Basel, Switzerland. Through the stories of five young people around the world (including a young teacher from Istanbul, Turkey), the exhibit explores the daily lives, decisions, and challenges faced by young Muslims around the world.

The Web site features photos, music, and other multimedia to illustrate the lives of each character in the exhibit. There is also an explanatory section on Islam.

Turkish Culture

Turkish Cultural Foundation

The Web site of the Turkish Cultural Foundation, which seeks to preserve and promote Turkish culture in Turkey and abroad. Features articles, photos, and other detailed information about a range of cultural topics in Turkey, including sections on architecture, music, philosophy, and the history of Turkey.


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