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September 6th, 2005
Unfinished Country

BBC Country Profile: Haiti
A compilation of the BBC’s Haiti coverage, along with social and economic profiles and extensive historical information.

CIA World Factbook: Haiti
Collection of statistical information on Haiti, its economy, and its people.

The official Web site of the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti. A good resource for information on the international legal issues surrounding the interim Haitian government.

U.S. Department of State Haiti site
Links to the exhaustive (though somewhat out of date) Library of Congress Country Study on Haiti, as well as official U.S. documents and reports on Haitian affairs.

Haiti Democracy Project
Web site of the U.S.-based Haiti Democracy Project, a policy research organization advocating for democratic elections in Haiti. A well-organized news digest, focused on the run-up to the planned 2005 elections, and a large amount of information on the Project’s own activities.

The Haitian weekly offers a sampling of its articles translated into English; the site is primarily in French.

USAID’s Haiti site
Find out about USAID-sponsored organizations and projects in Haiti.

National Coalition for Haitian Rights
The U.S.-based organization has a huge collection of documents on the human rights situation in Haiti, and a extensive page of links to information about the country.

Partners in Health/Zanmi Lasante
Website of the Boston-based health care organization, working against HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and other public health threats in Haiti.

Pan American Health Organization: Haiti
A complete report on the state of public health in Haiti.

Organization for the Rehabilitation of the Environment
An organization that works to improve the environmental, agricultural, and economic conditions in rural Haiti. Key projects include increasing farmer income, producing nutritionally enhanced food, and improving the environment with commercial fruit trees.

Fondation pour la Protection de la Biodiversité Marine
FoProBiM is a Haitian non-governmental, non-profit organization headquartered in Port-au-Prince that works to improve Haiti’s environment in general and coastal and marine zones in particular in the areas of sustainable development, education, research, and monitoring.

Operation Green Leaves
A Florida-based organization that works at the grass root level with the Haitian people to help them create a sustainable environment and promote economic development. A good resource to learn about reforestation projects in Haiti.

Embassy of the Republic of Haiti in Washington D.C.
Official English-Language Web site of the Haitian Interim Government. A place to keep track of the press releases of the Latortue administration; some information on tourism and business as well.

Resource Center of the Americas: Haiti page
A news digest page, collecting stories about Haiti in the world press, along with a few original feature articles.

Bob Corbett’s Haiti Page
An exhaustive resource of Haiti-related information, centered around the Haiti mailing list, which Corbett administrates. Highlights include the mailing list archive, a collection of historical data, and a very useful book review section.

Discover Haiti
A Web magazine featuring interviews with Haitian artists and writers, along with historical articles, travel features, and tourism information. Offers an upbeat look at Haiti.

Yéle Haiti
Homepage of musician Wyclef Jean’s foundation assisting education and rebuilding projects in Haiti. Find out about various Jean-sponsored relief efforts.

Wozo Productions
Web site of photographer Daniel Morel and filmmaker Jane Regan, the team behind this film, with a sampling of Morel’s images of Haiti.

Freedom (Christopher LaRoche)
Web site of Haitian hip-hop musician Freedom, composer for “Unfinished Country.”

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