July 10th, 2007
Victory Is Your Duty


CIA – The World Factbook – Cuba
Authoritative country profile based on data collected by the Central Intelligence Agency.

Library of Congress – Handbook of Latin American Studies
Edited by the Hispanic Division of the Library of Congress, this bibliography consists of works selected and annotated by scholars. The Handbook alternates annually between the social sciences and the humanities.

Cuba After Fidel
A collection of articles and videos from the international news program Worldfocus


International Boxing Hall of Fame
Designed to preserve boxing’s rich heritage, this site offers comprehensive information about different aspects of the sport and its practitioners throughout history.

Cuban Ministry of Education (in Spanish)
Official website for the Ministry of Education.

U.N. Chronicle Online “Cuba’s Free Education System Benefits Refugees”
Article about the status, and treatment, of political refugees seeking asylum in Cuba.


Council on Foreign Relations: U.S.-Cuba Relations
Backgrounder on U.S.-Cuba relations, updated April 14, 2009

BBC News “US-Cuba Relations Timeline”
The U.S. has long sought the end of President Fidel Castro’s regime and has had an economic embargo in place against Cuba since 1960. BBC News tracks the rocky relationship between the two countries.

Cuban American National Foundation (English or Spanish)
Established in Florida in 1981, the Cuban American National Foundation is the largest Cuban organization in exile, representing a cross section of the Cuban exile community as well as friends of Cuban freedom from around the world.


Communist Youth Newspaper- Juventud Rebelde (English)

Cuba’s GRANMA Newspaper (English)


Sons of Cuba
Feature-length version of Victory Is Your Duty

Greener Grass
Set against the backdrop of the Baltimore Orioles’ historic trip to play baseball in Cuba in the spring of 1999, this PBS documentary provides an eye-opening look at baseball’s grand tradition in that country.

“Revolucion! Cuban Poster Art” by Lincoln Cushing
Produced with unprecedented access to Cuban national archives, book assembles nearly 150 powerful but little-known works of popular art.

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