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July 19th, 2005
Future for Lebanon

Campaign posters for Saad Hariri, son of the slain former prime minister, Rafik Hariri

Lebanon Country Information
The U.S. State Department’s country information page includes a profile of the country, listings of Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members, and a link to the C.I.A. World Factbook entry on Lebanon.

C.I.A. World Factbook
The C.I.A. World Factbook is an excellent resource for those looking for basic information — from history, to population statistics — about Lebanon.

Embassy of Lebanon in Washington, D.C.
This site, run by the Lebanese embassy in Washington D.C., provides detailed breakdowns of many aspects of interest regarding modern Lebanon, including information for tourists and descriptions of business opportunities.

The Daily Star
This is the home Web site for THE DAILY STAR, a newspaper that originally circulated exclusively in Lebanon but has gone on to cover much of the Arab world.

Frontline World: Dispatches from a Small Planet: Lebanon/Syria
This excellent report from FRONTLINE’s Kate Seelye investigates sentiments among Syrians regarding their country’s involvement with Lebanon.

Washington Post: Frontline Discussion

This article includes a transcript of a discussion with Kate Seelye, a FRONTLINE journalist who has spent much of her life in Lebanon and Syria.

BBC Country Profile: Lebanon
This BBC NEWS profile of Lebanon provides history, statistics, and related news articles, as well as links to additional relevant media sources.

Q&A: Syrian and Lebanon
The BBC looks at the implications of Syria’s military withdrawal from Lebanon.

Washington Post: “Lebanon’s Election: Free but Not Fair”

This article by Annia Ciezadlo looks at Lebanon’s election process.

Christian Science Monitor: “Shaping Lebanon’s Future”
This excellent article from THE CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR examines the struggles Lebanon faces post-Syrian occupation.

The Nation: “Cedar or Sapling?”
This article from THE NATION explores the complexities behind declaring the Cedar Revolution to be the first bloodless coup in the history of the Arab world.

The Nation: “The Principle of Hope: Samir Kasir, 1960-2005”
Obituary for the assassinated Lebanese journalist, Samir Kasir.

The Nation: “The Syrian Dilemma”
This article from THE NATION looks at life in Syria.

Lebanon at the Crossroads: Rebuilding An Arab Democracy
The article from the Brookings Institution examines the challenges Lebanon faces as it tries to reconstruct itself as an Arab democracy.

Democracy in the Middle East, an Arab Perspective:
This transcript from a roundtable discussion conducted by the Brookings Institution looks at the complexity of building and sustaining democracy in the Middle East.

Cedarland: Lebanese War
This essay provides an intricate historical analysis of war in Lebanon beginning in 1958.

The Lebanese-American Association
This essay examines the history of Lebanon’s civil war.

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