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July 24th, 2003
AIDS Warriors

Maria De Brito Seoveteh, known
as “Soraya,” was the first woman in
Angola to appear on television and
talk about being HIV positive.

AIDS and Violent Conflict in Africa
A report produced by the United States Institute of Peace revealing the findings of a panel of specialists who examined the link between conflict and AIDS in Africa.

Department of Public Information, United Nations: Africa Recovery
A Web site from the Africa Recovery office of the United Nations Department of Public Information that seeks to provide timely and accurate news and analysis on the critical economic and development challenges facing the African continent. The site is modeled after its flagship publication, AFRICA RECOVERY magazine, which produces in-depth briefing papers, information kits, and other releases. This page, details its latest releases.

PBS Online NewsHour: Health Spotlight/AIDS in Africa
An archive of articles, speeches, and publications about AIDS in Africa, organized by PBS’s Online NewsHour. is a Web portal that publishes African news feeds from news organizations in Africa. The AIDS page,, sorts articles that cover AIDS in Africa. This resource is most useful in getting the most recent and timely information on AIDS developments in Africa. Another useful resource can be found on the site’s refugee page:

Washington Post: World Death Watch: AIDS, Drugs and Africa
The Washington Post’s archive of articles dating from 2000 to the present. Tracks global organizations, nations, corporations, and individuals and their decisions concerning AIDS in Africa.

AFRICA: AIDS in Africa Photo Essay
This feature photo essay by award-winning South African photojournalist Gideon Mendel covers the many faces of AIDS in southern Africa. The essay is accessible from the Photoscope section of the companion Web site to the eight-part 2001 AFRICA series by NATURE and National Geographic Television.

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