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May 27th, 2009
World Links: Bomb Blast in Pakistan's Cultural Capital, Mexico Arrests Officials with Ties to Drug Trade

Four gunmen open fire in Pakistan’s cultural capital, Lahore. When police return fire the men detonate a car bomb near the city’s main intelligence agency, killing 30, wounding more than 150, and flattening the police building. Officials suspect the Taliban is behind the attack.

In the ongoing battle in Swat Valley, troops continue to surround the Taliban after Pakistan officials reject a truce. Clashes continue in nearby towns amid an estimated 1.2 million displaced civilians.

The Sri Lankan army says it kills 11 Tamil Tiger rebels in an area that security forces cleared when fighting ended a week ago.

Mortars fired by Somalian insurgents at the presidential palace in Mogadishu miss their target, killing government soldiers and civilians near the compound.

Half a million people are displaced in the aftermath of Cyclone Aila in Bangladesh and India, and damage is surveyed in one of the world’s largest tiger reserves.

Mexican forces arrest 10 mayors and other officials in President Felipe Calderon’s home state of Michoacan. The operation targets politicians with ties to Mexico’s drug traffickers and organized crime networks that control much of the state. An adviser to the governor, and director of the Institute of Police are among those arrested.

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