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June 5th, 2009
World Links: U.K.'s Prime Minister Refuses to Resign, Suicide Bomber Kills 30 in Mosque Blast

President Barack Obama visits the former concentration camp, Buchenwald, in Germany, in a symbolic visit, saying the camp “is the ultimate rebuke” to Holocaust deniers. His great uncle helped liberate a satellite camp of Buchenwald in 1945.

Lebanon’s political parties wrap up their campaigns for a general election on Sunday between pro-Western factions and an alliance led by Iranian-backed Hezbollah. At least 19,000 expatriates return to Beirut to cast their votes. International monitors, including former U.S. president, Jimmy Carter, will observe.

U.K. Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, vows to he will “fight on” even as his sixth Cabinet minister in the last week steps down. Members of Brown’s Labour party call for his resignation, and say they may decide his fate on Monday.

A suicide bomber detonates himself inside a mosque in the remote Pakistani village of Hayagai Sharqai during weekly Muslim prayers. The attack kills at least 30 people, continuing a series of violent attacks this week in the Northwest Frontier Province that has displaced thousands.

Officials in China rescue three people from a landslide that buries at least 60 others in an iron ore mining area in the country’s southwest Chongqing Municipality.

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