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February 10th, 2009
Underground Zimbabwe

CIA: The World Factbook
Excellent resource for basic facts and statistics about Zimbabwe.

U.S. State Department
Background Note “Zimbabwe,” January 1, 2008

Timeline: Zimbabwe
A BBC chronology of key events in Zimbabwe’s complicated past, including video and audio of recent milestones.

New Yorker: “The Destroyer”
October 2008 article by Jon Lee Anderson about Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe.

Council on Foreign Relations: “Crisis in Zimbabwe”
Council on Foreign Relations experts participate in a December 2008 conference call about Zimbabwe’s political, economic, and public health crisis.

International Crisis Group: “Ending Zimbabwe’s Nightmare”

A briefing about Zimbabwe’s future published in December 2008 by the International Crisis Group, a leading non-governmental organization that works to resolve and prevent deadly conflicts.

Human Rights Watch

Human Rights Watch, one of the world’s leading human rights organizations, documents rights abuses in Zimbabwe.

World Food Program
The frontline agency in the United Nations’s fight against global hunger, the World Food Program, provides frequent updates on the food crisis in Zimbabwe.

Women of Zimbabwe Arise (WOZA)
Zimbabwean women’s organization profiled by FOCAL POINT.

Kubatana Trust of Zimbabwe
An online alliance of Zimbabwean activists and non-governmental organizations, which aims to improve the accessibility of human rights and civic information in Zimbabwe.

Council for Reconstruction of Zimbabwe
Organization of members of the Zimbabwean diaspora working for peace and prosperity in Zimbabwe.


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