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July 9th, 2009
World Links: Iran Arrests Human Rights Lawyer, Honduran Officials Discuss Leadership Crisis

A double car bombing in Mosul and roadside bombs in Baghdad kill more that 40 people in Iraq. The attacks mark the worst uptick in violence since U.S. troops withdrew last month from the country’s urban areas.

Iranian police fire tear gas at hundreds of demonstrators who defy a government ban on protests. The marchers were commemorating the 10th anniversary of student protests that led liberals to take control of parliament for the first time. Prominent human rights lawyer and critic of President Ahmadinejad, Mohammad Ali Dadkhah, is arrested along with several other attorneys.

At a forum on the second day of the G8 summit in Italy President Obama acknowledges the global recession makes it harder to reach consensus on an international climate agreement. But, he urges leaders to “fight the temptation towards cynicism.” The seventeen counties represented at the forum account for 80 percent of emissions that contribute to global warming.

After thousands of opponents of the coup block highways in Honduras, leaders of the government that ousted President Manuel Zelaya arrive in Costa Rica for talks on resolving the leadership crisis.

Billboards of President Obama line the streets of Ghana ahead of his visit to the country on Friday, and his meeting with its new president who was also a law professor for many years. This is Obama’s second visit to the continent, not counting Egypt. He hopes to highlight successful elections and effective governance.

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