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August 17th, 2009
World Links: Suicide Bombing Kills 20 in Russia, Mexico Replaces Over 1,000 Border Guards

A truck driven by a suicide bomber detonates at a police station in Russia’s southern province of Ingushetia, killing at least 20 and injuring more than 138.  The bombing is the most violent incident to occur in the province since hundreds of gunmen killed 90 people in a 2004 attack.

Aghanistan’s presidential campaign concludes at midnight tonight. Afghans go to the polls to select their next leader on Thursday. The election will also determine over 3,000 provincial council seats.

The Mexican government replaces 1,100 custom officials with new officers who have undergone thorough background checks. The move is aimed at reducing corruption to stem the flow of illegal drugs into and out of the country.

The missing Russian cargo ship “Arctic Sea” is found 300 miles off the coast of Cape Verde with all 15 crew members alive. The disappearance has sparked speculation that the ship’s actual cargo is more valuable than the timber listed on its manifest.

An attack by Somali militants on a U.N. outpost in Southern Somalia is repelled. Three attackers were killed in what officials believe was an attempt to kidnap aid workers.

The U.S. Peace Corps suspends its volunteer program in Mauritania due to security concerns. It has been operating in the northwest African country since 1967.

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