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July 23rd, 2009
World Links: Swine Flu Curtails Hajj, Kyrgystan Votes for President

The trial of Ajmal Amir Kasab, one of the alleged participants in the November 2008 terrorist attacks in Mumbai, India that killed 166 people, proceeds in spite of a confession by Kasab on Monday.

Iceland’s Minister of Foreign Affairs formally applies for membership in the European Union.

Middle East health officials ban children under 12, adults over 65, and individuals with chronic illness from participating in the annual pilgrimage to Mecca due to fears over the transmission of the H1N1 virus.

Polls in Kyrgystan show incumbent president  Kurmanbek Bakiyev poised to win today’s election in a landslide.

South African leaders vow to crack down on protesters who have been rioting over the past four days in the Siyathemba township southeast of Johannesburg. The protestors have been demanding better access to government services.

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