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May 18th, 2009
World Links: Thousands Protest Lawyer Death in Guatemala, Chad Sends Air Force into Sudan

The Sri Lankan government declares victory in its decades-long fight against the Tamil Tigers, saying the army has killed rebel leader Velupillai Prabhakaran and three other rebel leaders. The International Committee of the Red Cross remains blocked from entry to assess civilian casualties.

New York suffers its first swine flu death. The number of infections worldwide reaches 8829 cases, 74 fatal, throughout 40 countries.

The trial of democracy activist Aung San Suu Kyi begins in Burma. She is charged with breaching the terms of her house arrest after an American man swam to her compound and stayed for two days. Suu Kyi faces up to five years at Insein prison in Rangoon if convicted. The EU discusses sanctions.

Stocks surge in India as the ruling Congress-led alliance wins big, taking 262 seats versus 158 of closest rival BJP.

Thousands of protesters take to the streets in Guatemala protesting the death of Rodrigo Rosenberg, a lawyer investigating corruption in the government. Before he and his daughter were shot to death last week, Rosenberg created a video accusing President Alvaro Colom of complicity in his assassination.

Chad sends its air force into Sudan to attack “mercenaries.”  Sudan decries the incursions as an act of war.

Insurgents in Somalia take another town north of the capital Mogadishu.

Madhav Kumar Nepal, leader of the Communist Party of Nepal, is expected to become Prime Minister after twenty-two parties agreed to form a coalition government. Former rebel Maoists previously in power are obstructing formation of a new government.

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