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November 8, 2011

Small Arms, Mass Destruction

Guns that can cost as little as a bag of rice are today’s weapons of mass destruction.

October 25, 2011

Our Interview with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

The fact is that in today’s wars around the world, the primary victims are women and children. It didn’t used to be that way when there was a more organized military campaign. But today, we see women being victimized in great numbers all over, in every conflict.

October 25, 2011

Timeline of Women’s Rights in Afghanistan

August 31, 1907 Russia and England fight for control of Afghanistan in a proxy war known as ‘The Great Game.’ England keeps much of Afghanistan, while Russia gets territory in what is now Turkmenistan. February 2, 1919 Amir Amanullah Khan […]

October 25, 2011

Peace Unveiled

When the U.S. troop surge was announced in late 2009, women in Afghanistan knew that the ground was being laid for peace talks with the Taliban. Peace Unveiled follows three women who immediately began to organize to make sure that women’s rights don’t get traded away in the deal.

September 22, 2011

Is Peace in Afghanistan Possible?

In the wake of former Afghan president Burhanuddin Rabbani’s assassination, most think the peace process is on its deathbed. But Wazhma Frogh, recipient of the 2009 International Woman of Courage Award Afghanistan, says peace is still possible — if women are included in the process.

July 26, 2011

Is the U.S. Troop Withdrawal Bad for Afghan Women? An interview with Gayle Tzemach Lemmon

In Afghanistan, there are fears that the pending U.S. withdrawal of troops will leave a vacuum for the Taliban to regain control. This could have potentially catastrophic results for many civilians in Afghanistan, especially women and girls.

June 16, 2011

Most Dangerous Place To Be A Woman?

Afghanistan tops the list.

January 31, 2011

When Half the Country is Off Limits

Before the Marines deployed all-female units, known as Female Engagement Teams, reaching the hearts and minds of half Afghanistan’s population — Afghan women — was nearly impossible.

October 15, 2010

Afghan Midwife Programs Aim to Curb Infant Mortality

Photographer Kate Holt documents the Afghan midwifery programs that aim to combat the country’s infant mortality rate, the world’s highest. Young Afghan women are trained as midwives and then sent back to their communities to work.

August 18, 2010

Afghanistan Field Report: A Lesson in Afghan Logistics

Women, War & Peace producers jump through logistical hoops — dying phones, missing passes and broken connections — when they discover that the women featured in our Afghan episode aren’t going to be able to make it to an invitation-only breakfast with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

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