Facing History and Ourselves

right-facinghistoryFacing History and Ourselves, an international educational and professional development organization, is proud to be the educational outreach partner for the film, Worse Than War. Over the next year and a half and with support from the Einhorn Charitable Trust, Facing History will create classroom materials, conduct educator workshops, and host community events to accompany the film, helping it to reach classrooms around the world. Learn more about Facing History and sign up for updates (which can be done here) about Facing History’s work at facinghistory.org.

For more than 30 years, Facing History and Ourselves has been helping teachers and students make the connection between history and their own lives by offering content and teaching strategies that promote student engagement, critical thinking, and deeper understanding of the lessons of history. Through a rigorous investigation of the events that led to the Holocaust and other key moments in history, students learn to combat prejudice with compassion, indifference with participation, and misinformation with knowledge. Facing History reaches 1.9 million students each year through a network of 50,000 educators.

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