Goldhagen's Presentation at the United Nations

Goldhagen was invited by the Singapore Mission on November 19, 2009 to present his book Worse Than War to members of the United Nations and to show a short, five-minute clip of the film by the same name. Goldhagen discusses the need to reframe issues of genocide internationally and understand these conflicts as systems which can be prevented – systems that function under his concept of ‘eliminationism.’ Eliminationism occurs “when a government or group of people deal with populations they have conflict with or see as a danger that must be neutralized by seeking to eliminate them or to destroy their capacity to inflict putative harm. To do this, they employ any of the five principal forms of elimination: transformation, repression, expulsion, prevention of reproduction, or extermination.” Learn more about the concept of eliminationism in this excerpt from the book Worse Than War.

Watch Goldhagen’s presentation at the U.N. in this video filmed originally for the THIRTEEN Forum.

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