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Nubia: Struggling to Protect a Glorious Past

The term "Nubia" means many things to many people. In America it has come to be virtually synonymous with blackness and Africa. To ethnographers and linguists, it refers to a specific region straddling southern Egypt and northern Sudan, where black-skinned Nubians have traditionally lived. To archaeologists in the 1990s it is an ever-widening area of the Middle Nile Valley and surrounding deserts that extends approximately from Aswan in Egypt south to modern Khartoum, Sudan, and beyond. (Continue...)

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Photo: pyramid at Giza Wonders
Black Pharaohs, the Kushite Empire, Ancient Pyramids at Giza and Temples of Abu Simbel
Photo: Henry Louis Gates, Jr. Gates' Diary
Henry Louis Gates' reflections on the Aswan Dam and a Nubian wedding
Photo: female portrait Retelling
Perspectives on ancient Nubia, its people and heritage
Photo: male portrait Culture Close-up
Celebrate a Nubian wedding and discover Menhdi body decoration


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