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Confronting the Legacy of the African Slave Trade

Historically, West Africa is associated with the slave, gold and ivory trades, perhaps most often the former. West Africa is also the place of origin of vodou, the only indigenous African religion to survive the trans-Atlantic slave trade and remain in practice in the Americas today. The historical roots of racial discrimination in the United States today can be traced back to North American slavery and the kidnapping of more than 20 million Africans. (Continue...)

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Photo: Ashanti queen Wonders
The Ashanti and Dahomey kingdoms, traditional Vodou religion
Photo: Elmina Castle Gates' Diary
Henry Louis Gates reflects on the legacy of the slave trade
Photo: female portrait Retelling
Life in Ghana and African-American perspectives on the slave trade
Photo: Gbeto female warriors Culture Close-up
Learn about Gbeto warriors and Kente cloth


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