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  2 What do you make of the phenomenon of outside interest groups this year putting on ads to influence elections?  

Politics has gotten a lot more complicated. It used to be like boxing. There was, your candidate was in the ring, the other candidate was in the ring, and you would sort it out. Now you have all other kinds of people and groups climbing into the ring. These advocacy groups who are raising money, spending money. So now there not, there still may be two sides but there may be four, six, eight, ten different campaigns involved. And so it's not like boxing anymore, it's a little bit like the Texas chainsaw wrestling grudge match, you know. Everybody plays. And, it's just made it a lot more complicated.

I think ultimately it takes a little more power out of the hands of the candidates. But that's the way that messy thing democracy works. You know, people actually get up there and try to have their own impact on the process. Don't you just hate it when that happens.
  Alex Castellanos
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