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Bring American Family to your classroom.

Community Journals (Language Arts, Local Geography)
In American Family, Cisco creates a multimedia Internet journal reflecting his thoughts and feelings about his family and community. Help your students notice more about the world around them by keeping a journal about their own communities. Like Cisco, they will develop their observational and analytical skills as they record observations of daily life. Students will work together in pairs and as a class to look for patterns and make sense of what they have seen in their communities.

Murals (Art, Local History)
In American Family, murals are an important vehicle for culture expression. Through this lesson, students learn some of the history of mural making, explore symbolism, and then create their own mural.

Multimedia Storytelling (Language Arts, Art, Film)
Give your students an opportunity to strengthen their communication skills by exploring multimedia storytelling. Children grow up surrounded by stories told with pictures, words and music particularly on television and in movies. Take advantage of this familiarity and place the power to create stories in your students' hands for a change! Families and memories provide your students with rich material.

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