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Family Albums

Build a family album for your family.

Want to create a memorable family album that captures all your experiences? Use our scrapbook templates to showcase your best photos. Bring your whole family together to work on this fun project! Download our guide to scrapbooking so you can get a hang of all the basics before using the patterns below, provided in both English and Spanish.

  • Family Album Guide, Part 1 | Recordando Nuestra Familia 1

  • Family Album Guide, Part 2 | Recordando Nuestra Familia 2

  • Family Album Guide, Part 3 | Recordando Nuestra Familia 3

    (Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view these files. Click here to download the latest version.)

    Recordando Nuestra FamiliaRecordando Nuestra Familia
    English | Español (~714K)
    Puerto Rican StoriesPuerto Rican Stories
    English | Español (~371K)

    Diamonds Are ForeverDiamonds Are Forever
    English | Español (~416K)
    First CommunionFirst Communion
    English | Español (~314K)

    Star PowerStar Power
    English | Español (~357K)
    Huichol HeritageHuichol Heritage
    English | Español (~470K)

    Mi FamiliaMi Familia
    English | Español (~384K)
    Rainbow MemoriesRainbow Memories
    English | Español (~372K)

    See How I've GrownSee How I've Grown
    English | Español (~459K)
    That Doggone DogThat Doggone Dog
    English | Español (~423K)

    Family FanfareFamily Fanfare
    English | Español (~360K)
    English | Español (~538K)

    Family Block PartyFamily Block Party
    English | Español (~367K)
    English | Español (~423K)

    English | Español (~443K)
    English | Español (~423K)

    Serape HeartsSerape Hearts
    English | Español (~760K)
    English | Español (~423K)

    Family TreeFamily Tree
    English | Español (~459K)
    Celebration | Español (~342K)

    For Kids: My Birthday CelebrationFor Kids: Birthday Celebration
    English | Español (~483K)
    For Kids: My Great VacationFor Kids: My Great Vacation
    Celebration | Español (~342K)

    For Kids: Family TreeFor Kids: Family Tree
    English | Español (~629K)
    For Kids: My Great VacationFor Kids: My Growth Path
    Celebration | Español (~342K)

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