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I was born in Chicago, IL on the fourth day of the 11th month. I had a full head of curly hair. When I was six months old my family moved to Christchurch, New Zealand. There we stayed for a while. After a few months we went back to Chicago and I went to Careivalle Montessori school. I stayed there for two years then moved back to Wellington, New Zealand. My mom started a Montessori school there. I went to school there for nine years. In that nine years we moved back to the U.S. for two years on and off. We lived here in '94. I went to Northwood Senior High and attended sixth grade. I also started playing soccer and tennis at the age of four. Also cricket. I played all three of these sports for my whole life. After sixth grade we moved back to New Zealand where I attended Onslow College. I was 14 at the time and didn't get to finish my last years because we moved back to Chicago. We bought our 14th house and now I am going to HPHS where I somehow mastered the art of kicking a football!!

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