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Thanks for putting the writing on our walls. The American High message boards are no longer live, but check out this snapshot of what people had to say...

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I watched the show for the first time last night, and all I can say is WOW! The show captures everything about what being a teenager in modern America is about. Love, rebellion, finding oneself, these are all topics which are explored in depth. What an amazing achievement!

I saw the show last night and I thought it was cool. I loved how Morgan was very open about his feelings. He looks very interesting and kind. I really like how he is using his talent to help children. While I know some people that would have just ignored them and wouldn't look back. I just think that was really cool of him!

As I watched American High, my first impression was that the show mostly represented mainstream middle to upper class students. That was my first impression, that may change as I continue to watch the students tell their stories. Secondly, I was impressed with the dialogue and reflection many of the students recorded. Very honest and raw, and sometimes surprisingly profound. Deep stuff. Thirdly, the students that were chosen carry themselves with fresh wit and loud presence, the viewer has to remind themselves that these students are not scripted characters produced for an adolescent melodrama, but they are actually real people with real experiences. This view may in part be due to editing. It makes me wonder if what we see is really what you got?

I'm a 33 year old mom to a 3 year old who found the show fascinating. I was really impressed with all of the kids! They seemed like bright, honest, and interesting people. What I was most struck by was the parents....since my son is only 3 I have to admit I don't know what it is like to be a parent to a teenager. Obviously it can be frustrating. But, I was also a very troubled teenager myself, so I have an easy time seeing things from these teens' points of view.....

At one point the producers were saying how shocked they were at how much these students were willing to reveal. It's not shocking at all. Nobody in our culture seems to really listen to or care about teens, for the most part. Sadly to say, especially parents. Parents are so wrapped up in their own lives, they forget that they have primary responsibility to the lives of the children that they created. Children aren't accessories or pets. Having them, throwing them into a daycare, shipping them off to schools, ignoring them when they are teens, and then wondering why they turned out so badly is just not the way to do it.

I think that the show was great, it's important to see the "coming of age" of american youth. the one thing that i was left wondering about was why there wasn't a good representation of minority students in the show? More specifically black students. i mean seriously, these students are from the chicago area - right? i strongly agree with the fact that all the students in the show are different and have different experiences, and that's cool. but i think it would be beneficial for viewers to see, for example, the "coming of age" of a black youth, or for that matter an asian-americn youth. being a black student myself, i know that my high school experiences were different than a white students. and since we live in such a racially diverse nation, why not learn about the experiences of others!

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